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Chaverim of Queens is a 100% Volunteer organization which was founded in January 2008 and started with just 10 volunteers covering 3-4 calls a day. Chaverim now has nearly 100 volunteers who respond to thousands of calls for assistance throughout the Queens area even covering extended areas as far as Long Island and Roslyn. Chaverim is utilized to assist those in Emergency type situations. Some of these services include but are not limited to:

Flat Tires

Car Lockouts

Home lockouts

Out of gas

dead batteries


The volunteers who spent the night running between calls, risking themselves as they tried their best to keep those stranded and displaced out of harm’s way, are credited with remaining calm and weathering the storm with incredible selflessness and unity. These responders became a lifeline for motorists who had abandoned their vehicles. There were reports of one daring rescue where a volunteer entered neck-deep water to pull a trapped motorist to safety. Everywhere, members were forced to improvise to the ever-changing conditions.
Queens Jewish Link
I would like to thank everyone for all your hard work, especially over this past year when many were caught flat-footed, unprepared to deal with the pandemic. You guys stepped up with full PPE to volunteer your services in a tremendous display of coordination. This community could not have done it without you.
Daniel Rosenthal
NYS Assembly Member
Our members are often low-key, acting under the radar, without the fanfare of lights and sirens, or fancy cars, our members jump in to save someone’s day. Their work is generally not lifesaving and does not receive much recognition. A relaxed appreciation event, albeit not nearly what they deserve, is the least we can do to express our indebtedness for the commitment of the members.
Eliyahu Love
Dispatch Coordinator
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